Course : Toward Next-Generation Newborn Screening: Myth and Reality - Rodney Howell Symposium

Held during the 2017 ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.  Click “Launch” for more information.




Recent advances in genomic technologies have brought tremendous success in the realm of clinical medicine, primarily as powerful diagnostic tools. The application of these same technologies to newborn screening holds exciting promises to better public health. However, we are stilling facing technical, economical, ethical, and psychological challenges. In this symposium, a panel of prominent leaders in the field with expertise in clinical genetics, laboratory genetics, public health, ethical and psychological sciences will explore new and emerging opportunities for promoting precision medicine at the public health level right from the newborn period throughout an individual’s lifetime. Topics will span the full spectrum of public health genomic applications in newborn screening, focusing on emerging opportunities as well as challenges, both perceived and real, which must be addressed and overcome. Ample time will be afforded so that attendees have an opportunity to discuss the numerous technical, economical, ethical, and psychological issues that must be navigated as we begin to apply genomic technologies to newborn screening in order to realize the full promise of precision medicine in the public health setting.


All healthcare professionals interested in the diagnosis, management, treatment and prevention of genetic conditions and increasing their understanding of the genetic basis of common, chronic health problems affecting both children and adults will find the programming applicable to their practice. These select sessions from the ACMG Annual Meeting are targeted for the following professionals:

• Medical and clinical geneticists
• Physicians of all specialties with an interest in genetics, genomics and the genetic basis of disease
• Genetic counselors
• Laboratory geneticists, directors, technicians and technologists
• Researchers
• Pathologists
• Educators
• Nurses
• Dietitians
• Physician assistants
• Biotechnology and pharmaceutical development professionals
• Fellows, Trainees and Students
• Public health professionals
• Genetic/consumer advocates
• Others with an interest in the science and art of medical genetics and genomics

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Registration and Fees

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ACMG Members and ACMG Trainees: ($20)
Non-members ($30)


At the conclusion of this course, participants should be able to:

1. Review goals and principles of newborn screening and its great public health achievement
2. Discuss technical, economical, ethical, and psychological issues involving newborn screening with regard to its impact on public health
3. Recognize the pros and cons of genomic sequencing approaches to newborn screening for genetic diagnosis of disorders currently screened via conventional methods
4. Identify appropriate approaches to the delivery of follow-up care and service to patients identified through genomic newborn screening and to their family members

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