Course : MOC Part IV: Genetic Counseling for Preconception or Prenatal Diagnosis

Genetic counseling for preconception or prenatal diagnosis is an increasingly common indication for genetic referral. This may relate to concerns regarding maternal age; abnormal serum or first trimester screening; family history of inherited disease; previous affected child with a congenital anomaly; population screening for cystic fibrosis, common Ashkenazi Jewish disorders, or sickle cell disease; or maternal disease which may affect pregnancy. Patients may inquire about diagnostic procedures, which require education and clarification. Genetic counseling provides valuable information regarding the indications for procedures and their risks and benefits. A systematic approach is important to maintain adequacy of counseling, patient autonomy and safety, and procedural risk management.

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Evaluate and counsel the patient for any conditions. This is NOT specific for but may include first trimester screening or maternal serum screening abnormalities

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