Course : Using Mouse Model Data

This is a one-hour webinar that provides an overview of the mouse genome relevant to clinical genetics. Dr. Joanne Berghout will discuss applications of the mouse disease model in addressing clinical questions, basic techniques and tools used in mouse genome study, and other resources on mouse genome which may interest to the community.  

Target audience

  1. Clinical geneticists; genetic counselors; pediatric, obstetric, and maternal-fetal specialists; and all medical practitioners who are providing comprehensive diagnostic, management, and counseling services for patients with, or at risk for, genetically influenced health problems.
  2. Laboratory directors and technicians who conduct genetic testing, researchers involved in the discovery of genetic disorders and treatments and any healthcare and public health professionals who have an in interest medical and clinical genetics and genomics.

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Educational Credits Available
Amount of Credits: 1 (CME)
ACMG Members and ACMG Trainees free
ACMG Member with educational credits ($15)
Non-members ($30)
Non-members with educational credits ($55)


At the conclusion of the session, participants should be able to:

1. Locate curated, peer-reviewed phenotypic data derived from genetically engineered mouse models (informative for about half the genome)

2. Draw gene-to-phenotype relationships accurately from model organism data, allowing biological information to be gleaned for genes without human clinical data

3. Incorporate mouse data into a candidate prioritization workflow for high-throughput sequencing data (exome, whole genome) 

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