Training Menu

The Knowledge Direct WEB Tarining Menu is your personal Training site. With our new "Chrome" layout, your training content is now even more accessible and easy to use!

How to Use the Training Menu

The "My Courses" tab displays all the courses you are currently assigned. You may access the modules within your courses by clicking the "Launch" button within each course. This will bring up a list of the modules within your course, known as the Module List screen. Click each module to expand the module view. You may choose to launch the module content or take the Module Assessment if available.

Within each course, there are also tabs for Live Events or Discussion Groups, if applicable. You can interact with these tabs the same way you interact with module content. To return to your module listing after viewing a module, click the "< Course" heading in the upper left portion of the screen, below the "Training Menu" button.

WARNING: DO NOT exit using the browser's close window control, as you may lose your bookmark or your work in an assessment.

Progress Bar

To the right of each assigned course is a progress bar, which details three indicators of progress. If the progress bar is empty, you have not started your course. If the progress bar is half full, you have started the course but not completed it. If your score on the assessment displays where the progress bar was, you have successfully completed your course. If there is no assessment for your course, and you have taken your Course Survey (if assigned) then your course is considered complete as well and will display a full progress bar instead of a score.

Course Final Assessment

Once you have completed all the modules for a course, you may be required to take a Final Assessment to complete the course. If a course has a Final Assessment, a button will appear to the right of the "List of Activities" heading in the Module List screen after you complete all of the module assessments for the course. When you click the Course Final Assessment button, a screen will appear telling you the score you must achieve to pass the assessment. If you do not achieve this score, you will need to retake the assessment.


Once you complete a course, your Assessment score appears next to the course title.

Print Certificate

If a course has a certificate of completion associated with it, a link to print the certificate will appear on the Module List screen after you pass the Final Assessment.

What you can do from the Training Menu screen

My Courses

Displays all of your assigned courses. Clicking "Launch" on a course reveals the modules for that course. Clicking on a module title opens the module and allows you to launch the module or take the module assessment.

Log Out

Logs you out of your Knowledge Direct WEB session. It is important that you Log Out, rather than selecting the browser's close window control to avoid losing your work.

icon FAQ

This is a central location for all the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for your assigned modules. These are commonly asked questions (and answers) related to module content. If you have a question, make sure to check this link out first. There may be some general FAQs available from this link, as well.

icon Tools

Serves as a central location for all the reference components for your assigned courses. Tools are typically helpful documents or online resources related to module content. General tools are also available from this link.

icon Notes

Allows you to view notes you've taken within a module. To take notes, open a module, then click the Notes button. You will then be able to enter notes and save them. To view all notes you've taken for all modules, click the Notes button while on the Training Menu

icon User Profile

This allows you to view your student profile information. If enabled by your administrator, you can modify your name, address, email, or other pertinent student information

icon Message Center

Using the Message Center allows you to contact your Administrator or Instructor directly. Simply select the course you're assigned where you're having trouble, title your message, then compose your message in the "Message" window. Once you're finished, click "Send Message". The Admin/Instructor will receive your message and be able to respond directly. You should check your Message Center each time you login to Knowledge Direct to view responses to your messages.

icon eTranscript

The eTranscript button allows you to view a PDF record of all courses, modules, and assessments you have been assigned, with all relevant scores applied.

Course Search

Looking for something in particular? Enter a key word or phrase, click on Find, and the courses related to the search displays.

NOTE: This feature only searches course metadata, or descriptions and keywords assigned to the content by the Administrator or Content Manager. Just because the search engine did not identify matching search criteria does not mean that content is not contained within the course.


The Alerts widget contains messages provided by the Administrator of your Training Menu that will alert you to new content, new assignments, or other relevant course information.


The Twitter widget contains a list incorporated into your Training Menu related to your eLearning. You may click on the messages within the widget to access their content, or click on the "Join the Conversation" button to open Twitter in a new window.